IT Support

IT Support


Pedia Pte Ltd has a 24/7 island wide coverage IT Support Team to handle any IT related issues. We provide various IT support services such as anti-virus software, data backup software/devices, firewall configuration management on network devices, security devices, monitoring solutions, sharing applications, communications devices, email and domain hosting and many more…  

Our IT Support covers all related networks as businesses nowadays are depending on the internet and information technology more than ever today. With all the high expectations and requirements, we help businesses to build and manage reliable networking infrastructures that increase their productivity and protect their digital assets. 

At Pedia, we not only provide IT support services but also carries most brands of IT Hardware and Software that best suits your design and budget.     

Being an One-Stop IT solution company, we will be glad to assist our clients to liaise with 3rd party vendor and helping them to troubleshoot remotely. As such, you can focus on your main core business while we attend to all your IT needs. 

IT support is essential to a company’s operation to ensure their systems continue to work effectively without glitches. Companies that rely heavily on IT usually need a specialized IT support team who are able to work continually, with back-up plans already in place in case anything goes wrong. We offer customized IT support plans that can be tailored to suit each company’s IT setup and IT needs. Our IT support plan allows clients the flexibility of adjusting their IT outsourced cost thus ensuring cost savings.

Our work scope includes as below:

• Server Support
• PC troubleshooting
• Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
• IT infrastructure Management

Feel at ease to contact our IT support engineers for more advises.