Our Services


We have positioned ourselves as a one-stop solution provider for all your IT Office needs so that you can concentrate on other important areas while we handle this difficult and important area .


We provide various IT support services such as anti-virus software, data backup software/devices, firewall configuration management on network devices, security devices, monitoring solutions, sharing applications, communications devices, email and domain hosting and many more…  


A good IT Maintenance involves good documentation where IT systems are concerned because often, the important knowledge and information are possessed by one or two key people – which is fine, until when they leave or happen to be absent when something goes wrong. With Pedia, you do not need to worry because we provide you with a monthly service and monitoring report.

Pedia Pte Ltd is a professional and trusted IT service provider dedicated to provide exceptional IT services to businesses in Singapore and across Asia. We are backed by a team of highly dedicated, experienced and certified professional, who we work together to deliver excellent, up-to-date and economical solutions to meet the advances in business technology for corporate world (SME, MNC, Government-Sector, Non-Profits Organization, Professionals, Healthcare and More…)

Our IT Enterprise Services has a proven ability to design and manage complex IT Infrastructure environments to increase productivity and deliver business goals for organization of every size and from every sector provide our clients with high-powered services at a reasonable cost.

To know and keep track of your IT assets is a huge task. Allow us to take up this responsibility as your IT support service provider to keep up with your IT Security and Infrastructure at its optimal stage. Without a person dedicated to this role, your IT assets may end up becoming more of a hindrance and incur unnecessary costs.

At Pedia, we offer a wide range of IT services and IT consultancy with customized packages to suit individual’s requirements and needs, with customer’s satisfaction being our number one priority.

Moving ahead, let our team of highly experienced support engineers to provide you with our trusted IT Services from your hands and you can be assured of quality IT services and products.